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Prudhomme-Rouquier House


The Prudhomme-Rouquier House is one of the most architecturally significant buildings in the Natchitoches Historic District. Constructed between 1790 and 1811, this home predates most other surviving buildings in downtown Natchitoches. Although the exterior was remodeled in 1825 to resemble the Federal or Greek Revival style, it was originally a French Creole building. The builders of the home used the traditional French Creole method of erecting cypress beams and filling in the spaces with bousillage (a mixture of mud, Spanish moss, and deer hair).
However, the Prudhomme-Rouquier house is unique in that it is a two-story home completely done in this method of construction. Other two-story Creole homes usually began as one-story homes, elevated on brick piers or walls. Often the area under the main floor would be bricked in to add additional living space, giving the impression of a second floor. The Prudhomme-Rouquier house is the only known example of a true two-story bousillage building in the nation.
Prudhomme-Rouquier House – c. 1790P.O. Box 2206Natchitoches, Louisiana 71457318-352-6723