The Destination of Travelers since 1714

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In 1717, only three years after establishing Natchitoches, St. Denis led a band of missionaries and Spanish soldiers to this site only twelve miles from the French post. His purpose was to initiate trade with the Spanish and fix the border between Mexico and Louisiana at Rio Hondo (Deep Creek).

In 1721 a more substantial fort was constructed on the same site, and Los Adaes, as it was called by the Spanish, was established as the first capital of Texas. It would remain so for nearly half a century. Los Adaes State Historical Park is maintained at the site today.

Robeline itself was not established until 1881 when the railroad came through. As in the days of the railroads, everyone lived as close to town and the tracks as possible. The village was originally name “Leolia” after the postmaster’s daughter. Later, it was name Robeline after an earlier settler.

The village also has a history of rough and rowdy crowds. Once known as “Robbers Lane” the area was full of these types of crowds.

Population: 149
Village Hall (318) 472-6121